CenturyLink® Resiliency & Disaster Recovery: Active-Active

CenturyLink Active-Active Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions offer the highest level of resiliency for mission-critical environments that require the lowest Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). CenturyLink DR solutions are customizable to business needs from a broad portfolio of network, colocation, hosting, cloud security and IT services (design, deploy, test) offerings.

Only 27% of companies received a passing grade for disaster readiness, according to a 2014 survey by the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council. CenturyLink offers end-to-end, custom DR and resiliency solutions, including highly-customizable, fully-managed hybrid active-active solutions for mission-critical business processes with the lowest RTOs. These solutions leverage our expansive Tier 1 network and 60+ data centers across 4 continents. Plus, we offer full-lifecycle IT consulting services for assessing, designing, implementing and testing DR solutions.

Unlike most DR providers, CenturyLink offers high-bandwidth Tier 1 network connectivity that can easily handle large data volumes, helping to ensure that customers can operate at the pace of business. Integrating network as a core component in DR and resiliency planning provides that customers can not only recover from a disruption quickly, but that the user base can access business processes easily and inexpensively when they do.

Mitigate risk and protect your business and brand from the damaging effects of a disaster by leveraging proven techniques, tools and skilled DR resources from CenturyLink. Enable regulatory compliance and security. Provide your business peers with tangible peace of mind that your customers will be protected in the case of a disaster.

Technical Specifications
  • Complete replication of infrastructure and applications creating an Active/Active configuration. Also ability to configure Active/Standby
  • Customer defines Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Replication Tools: VMware SRM or leverage ecosystem partner – Rackware
  • Enabled at CenturyLink’s more than 60 global state-of-the-art data centers and global MPLS network across 4 continents or client site
  • High availability built-in with redundancy and 24/7 failover protection for the most demanding environments
  • Numerous compute and storage services ideal for deploying fault-tolerant, disaster recovery-enabled architectures (over 30PB data stored and managed)
  • Robust security at all critical levels: data center, network and application
  • Elasticity to easily scale up or down as your needs change
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Where digital business goes to network