White Papers

Details on Technology, Products and Services

Gain detailed information on the technologies, products and services that will help you make informed decisions about your telecom needs, future and security.


Finding the Right Cloud Solution for Your Needs

A well-thought-out cloud computing strategy can give you the resources you need to streamline operations and scale your organization.

How to Get Your Organization Closer to the Cloud

You're facing the challenges of Big Data. You have bigger storage demands, and you're trying to deal with them before they become an unmanageable problem.

Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

What exactly do we mean when we talk about the cloud? What's real and what's hype? And what does it mean for your business?

Hybrid IT Cloud Solution

Innovate across all your business processes in a cost-effective, automated way with comprehensive infrastructure and resources.


Five Essentials to Prepare for Disaster Recovery

You can't eliminate threats to business continuity, but you can implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plan that will keep your company productive.  

Planning for Disaster and Everyday Threats

From downtime costs to regulatory compliance, the need for strategic business continuity and disaster recovery planning is clear, but what does that mean for your organization?


Network Management Services: Cost-Effective

Reduce the overall cost of network operations and acquire the expertise needed to manage network complexity.

Managed Services: Perception vs. Reality

Even though managed services have a multi-year, proven track record, some business managers still hold on to the same old perceptions.


Best Practices for Better Security

The Web and email are integral parts of your business, yet the open nature of the Internet makes your business more vulnerable to security issues, including viruses, spyware and phishing schemes. New risks arise daily, but you can protect your business by implementing these best practices for better data security.

Healthcare IT Security Necessity

Leveraging technology to serve patients requires an investment in IT security and risk management. CenturyLink's security solutions help protect you from dangerous viruses, spam and other threats reaching your business with state-of-the-art firewalls, disaster prevention, recovery products and on-demand audit reports.


Poorly Performing Applications Hurting Business?

As enterprises boost performance by employing different technologies, technology performance management initiatives become more complex — and more critical to success.

Unified Communications and Your Business

An overview of the potential benefits of UC and key considerations you should keep in mind when mapping out your UC strategy.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Healthcare

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding creates opportunities for physicians and hospitals to acquire mission-critical technologies to improve healthcare delivery.

Future Proofing Enterprise Networks for Success

Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) is a converged data network technique that facilitates the most efficient platform for transporting a diverse array of different types of traffic.  

Make Big Data a Problem of the Past

You're facing the challenges of Big Data. You have bigger storage demands, and you're trying to deal with them before they become an unmanageable problem.

Do More With Less

Opportunities for outsourcing infrastructure and applications management, WAN optimization, cloud hosting and software as a service (SaaS) can help IT departments meet their budgetary requirements for 2009.

CenturyLink Business Technology 2020

What technology experts foresee for the not-so-distant, it-will-be-here-before-we-know-it future.


Volatile Market Conditions Call for New Tech Strategies

Financial services firms explore new network technologies and partnerships to address governance, risk and compliance, improve customer service and increase revenue.

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